Hibiscus Children’s Center

Annual Fund Campaign

Our goal is to help children heal from the trauma of abuse and help them cope while building positive adaptive and problem-solving skills that will lead to a successful future. We are helping children build strong futures!

Once a child enters Hibiscus, the healing begins

At Hibiscus Children’s Center, we rebuild and repair the lives of abused and neglected children and take them to a whole new place — A much brighter place filled with hope, laughter and smiles. From primary prevention to the most intensive interventions, one of the goals of Hibiscus Children’s Center is to identify a child or family’s innate strengths and abilities.

The funding we receive from state and federal sources only covers 70% of what is required to care for these children.  The remaining 30% that comes from our fundraising efforts insures our children have access to things like the literacy program, a 10-week summer camp program, outings and activities, clothing closets, equine therapy, music therapy, medical services on site and ancillary mental health services.   Additionally, any capital expenses we incur each year such as transportation replacement and upkeep or facility repairs and improvements are also made possible because of donors like you.

 Your support helps provide children with a brighter future filled with hope.  Children like Emma.

Success Story

11-year-old Emma was removed from her home due to physical and sexual abuse and placed in several foster homes before coming to the Hibiscus Shelter. She was hospitalized, had failing grades in school and several suspensions. Our staff and Mental Health Counselor provided Emma with the love, care and professional counseling she desperately needed. She was enrolled in Equine and Music Therapy. At first she refused to participate, but slowly she came around and her confidence and feelings of self-worth increased as she began to heal from her trauma.

Emma is just one example of how your support is providing safety, mental health counseling, love and more for vulnerable children.  Thank you for helping Hibiscus to transform children’s lives and give them a brighter future.  

A Day in the Life of a Child in Foster Care

It starts with a phone call to the abuse hotline. A Department of Children & Families investigator and a Police Officer will go to the home to explore the allegation of abuse and determine if the child(ren) would be safer if removed. Once the determination to remove the child(ren) occurs, placement is the responsibility of the Community Based Care Agency (i.e. Communities Connected for Kids).  The placement department first tries to place the child or children with an appropriate local relative or non-relative friend of the family who knows the children.  If this is not the proper or sensible solution, then a foster home is researched.  If a foster home is not available to accommodate the children, the next step is to shelter them in an “emergency shelter”.  Because of YOU, the Hibiscus Shelter in Jensen Beach and the Village in Vero Beach are here for these circumstances. We provide these children safety, healing, education, celebrations and so much more.

For more information, please contact Michelle King, CDO, at  (772) 334-9311, ext. 404 or email: Mking@hcc4kids.org.

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